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NewSat North America, LLC is a leading C5ISR business providing innovative systems, products, and services for US Government customers.

Resilient Communications

Resilient Communications

newsat resilient communications

NewSat designs, integrates, fields and supports resilient communications solutions for the US Government and foreign allies. 

We specialize in resilient SATCOM, line of sight radios, microwave, and interoperability solutions. NewSat also designs resilient waveforms, tactics, techniques, and procedures to provide anti-jam capabilities using techniques such as Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) and Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS). We solve the needs of hundreds of customers seeking enhancements to existing communications networks or “ground up” network solutions that incorporate commercial,

off-the-shelf or custom products.

ISR Systems
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ISR Sytems

NewSat’s Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems team delivers services and products to Defense, Intelligence, and Department of State customers. We provide Directional Finding Systems, sensors, cameras, tracking devices, and custom software to meet customers’ ISR mission needs globally. We integrate these systems to operate on unmanned vessels or aerial vehicles and provide remote monitoring stations and staff to monitor and analyze missions.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Facilities and Infrastructure

newsat capabilities facilities and infra

Many of our customer’s communications and logistics projects call for facilities and infrastructure to enable mission capabilities. Our team blends precision and creativity to design-build activities that ensure flawless operations of communications equipment. NewSat designs, builds, and installs test facilities that enable multiple SATCOM terminals to simultaneously operate using a single radome.


Our customers don’t procure architecture, engineering, construction, procurement and installation services via separate contracts. Instead, NewSat serves as the Prime contractor that delivers a fully integrated, turnkey solution to them. We coordinate with many top-level subcontractors to ensure such projects are on-time and within budget. NewSat has also built and rehabilitated towers, and refurbished power center facilities to enhance a microwave network that spans the entire country of Colombia. 

Full Lifecycle Support
newsat capabilities full lifecycle integ

Full Lifecyle Support 

and Integrated Product Support (IPS)

NewSat’s full Life Cycle Support program integrates Engineering, Integrated Product (Logistics) Support, Depot and Field Support services to meet every customer requirement in a single delivery. We offer turnkey product support solutions for sustainment and ensure our customers reach their system mission readiness goals. 

As a top provider of C5ISR services to the US Government, we consistently deliver optimal levels of readiness, reliability and availability. We address all aspects of Product Support programs with our IPS products and services. These reinforce mission readiness for deployed equipment and systems. We provide maintenance planning and management, spare modeling, supply support, technical manual development, and comprehensive training development. NewSat has simplified the logistics needs of customers in every operational environment.

Foreign Military Sales
newsat capabilities foreign military sal

Foreign Military Sales

NewSat manages every aspect of the US Government Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program process from start to finish.  We work closely with the US’ Departments of State and Defense to facilitate strict adherence to all processes, procedures and regulations.

We have extensive experience exporting International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) controlled equipment and navigating associated documentation, such as the DSP 83, DSP 5 and value-added tax (VAT) exemptions. We work with numerous logistics companies, insurance agents, and foreign Governments to help newly arriving equipment clear customs and reach its destination on time. NewSat trains, fields, and staffs help desks internationally for the equipment and services we sell. We then manage the repair and shipment of ITAR products to and from the end user. 

Headquartered in Bogota, Colombia, NewSat SAS, our affiliate, provides telecommunications, security, and intelligence solutions to the Colombian Military and Police. This makes us an ideal prime or partner for delivering top quality products to South America.

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